811.3394/243: Telegram

The Chargé in Japan ( Dickover ) to the Secretary of State

210. Department’s 225, August 11, 4 p.m.; Embassy’s 187 [177), September 4, 10 a.m.; and Department’s 121, September 19, 3 p.m. The Japanese Foreign Office by note dated October 12 informed the Embassy that the Japanese Government was unable for various reasons to give consent to the proposed informal visits of the Gold Star at Palau, Truk and Saipan.

Yesterday the Embassy’s Naval Attaché was informed by the British Naval Attaché that on October 10 the Japanese Foreign Office had replied to the British Government’s proposal for the visit of H. M. S. Lowestoft to open ports in the Japanese Mandated Islands that such a visit would be inconvenient for some time to come.