811.3394/239: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Japan ( Neville )

121. Embassy’s No. 177, September 4, 10 a.m.

Navy Department requests that notification be made in the usual manner to the Japanese Government of the proposed informal visits of the U. S. S. Gold Star to certain ports in the Japanese Mandated Islands in accordance with the following schedule: Palau, arrive October 27, depart October 29; Truk, arrive November 2, depart November 4; Saipan, arrive November 7, depart November 9.
In making notification to the Foreign Office please state orally that this Government assumes, in view of the numerous instances of the Japanese Government having expressed its willingness for public vessels of the United States to visit any of the open ports of [Page 992] the Mandated Islands, that the objection of the Japanese Government to the proposed visits of the Gold Star at Truk, Palau and Saipan referred to in the Embassy’s telegram above-mentioned was due to the fact that the dates indicated for such proposed visits were inconvenient to the Japanese Government. It is understood that the places named were designated by the Japanese Government as open ports by Ordinance No. 13 of June 1, 1922, and it is further understood that these places are still in the category of open ports.