893.00/13694: Telegram

The Consul at Hankow (Jarvis) to the Secretary of State

My August 23, 11 a.m.85 The Communists in southern Kansu are moving north through Changhsien, Lungsi and Weiyuan districts. It is uncertain whether Minhsien is still infested. In eastern Kansu the Communists are still based on Hwanhsien, and Yuwang in Ningsia, but rove the countryside to within a short distance of Kuyuan.

2. All Americans in Kansu (including West Kansu) have evacuated to Lanchow or into Shensi except Miss Bertha Roberson at Taochow old city and Mr. James Vigna at Siaho (both of Assemblies of God) and Mr. Earl Peterson, Miss Jennie Wedicson and Miss Anna Madsen at Pingliang and Miss Edith Johnson at Kingchwan (all of Scandinavian Alliance Mission); Marshal Chang Hsueh Liang’s86 headquarters in Sian has sent special instructions to both the Kansu Governor and the Kansu Pacification Commissioner to afford them protection. The Lanchow-Pingliang-Sian motor road is again open. Sent to the Department, Peiping, Nanking, Shanghai.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Vice Commander in Chief, Bandit Suppression Forces for the Northwest.