893.00/13346: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Peck) to the Secretary of State

22. 1. Under date of January 17 the National Government Gazette published “provisional general principles governing the organization of the Hopei-Chahar Political Affairs Commission” which define the Commission’s functions in a general way only and leave the Commission, from a legalistic point of view, an amorphous organ awkwardly superimposed upon the Hopei and Chahar Provincial Governments and the municipalities of Peiping and Tientsin. The “principles” state that the Commission: (1) is established to control “all political affairs” of the two Provinces and two municipalities named; (2) shall have from 17 to 21 members with a chairman to assume general control of its affairs assisted by a standing committee of from three to five persons, all members to be appointed by Nanking; (3) shall temporarily have three departments—a secretariat and departments of political affairs and finance; (4) may establish special committees for special questions and may “engage” the personnel therefor and may also have a “certain number” of advisers, counselors and experts; and (5) may “within the scope of laws and ordinances of the central authorities draft laws and regulations for exclusive use and submit them to the National Government for approval and record”.

2. Full translation will go forward by mail.38

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