793.94/7679: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

26. Embassy’s 25, January 19, noon. Local postal official states that his office has received no order from the Hopei-Chahar Political Council to turn over revenue other than revenue obtained from revenue stamps reported in Embassy’s 18, January 15, noon.

Foreign Affairs Committee of the Council was inaugurated this morning. It has 10 members with Chen Chung Fu as chairman. (See paragraph 4 of Embassy’s 17, January 14, 4 p.m.). The chairman of the Economic Committee (reference paragraph 3 of the above-mentioned telegram) is Hsiao Chen Ying.
According to one of Sung Che Yuan’s subordinates, the office of the special delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Peiping will soon be abolished as a result of the inauguration of the Foreign Affairs Committee.
The Peiping-Tientsin garrison headquarters was abolished January 15 and the Hopei-Chahar Pacification headquarters, of which Sung is Commissioner, was inaugurated the same day.
The Embassy is informed that the dispute between Yin Ju Keng and the Peiping-Mukden Railway over railway revenue from that part of the line which runs through the demilitarized zone has been settled by the railway agreeing to pay Yin $100,000 per month and that Yin’s railway office has been abolished.

By mail to Tokyo.