765.84/3463: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Long) to the Secretary of State

26. I talked to Mr. Suvich61 yesterday evening. Concerning the League meeting on the 20th, he expects no new proposals for peace, no oil embargo, no extension of sanctions, but thinks it possible the League may send a commission of inspection to Ethiopia. They expect very little in the way of diplomatic development. He appeared to be perfectly unconcerned about the movements of the British fleet. He said Italy was withdrawing two more divisions from Libya for the expeditionary force in East Africa. These would not be replaced in kind but a smaller number of troops constituting a mechanized unit would be sent to Libya instead of the two divisions departing.

The Naval Attaché has just returned from Taranto where is assembled the larger part of the fleet. He reports a very high state of efficiency and an entire preparation for any immediate emergency, with a high morale amongst the men and a calm and unexcited attitude on the part of the officers.

As a whole the officers of the Government and the people are calm, composed, and determined to proceed with the African venture and apparently not disturbed by any prospects of interference from outside.

  1. Fulvio Suvich, Italian Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.