765.84/3384: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Bingham ) to the Secretary of State

10. 1. As far as one can judge now the outlook of the former Minister for League Affairs since he has assumed the greater responsibility of the Foreign Office is tempering and he appears to be reaching the conclusion that a negotiated peace is the practicable way out of the impasse. I am informed that he is apprehensive of the increasing menace of Germany.

2. There are at present no indications of a British intention to reduce their fleet in the eastern Mediterranean or in the Mediterranean as a whole. The Naval Attaché of this Embassy reports that the tendency has been towards a slow increase to which the prospective movements of the British and French fleets as announced by the press yesterday are no exception. Specific reference is had to prospective departure middle of January of Nelson, Rodney, Furious, Cairo and 21st destroyer flotilla from England for Gibraltar, ostensibly to relieve vessels there and prospective departure of French second squadron from Brest 14 January for Atlantic cruise to arrive Casablanca 18 January and prospective departure of French first squadron 20 January from Toulon for Mediterranean maneuvers. These movements are the first tangible manifestation of Anglo-French naval cooperation.