Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Trade Agreements (Grady)

The Egyptian Minister1 called to inquire as to the prospects of a trade agreement with Egypt, and I explained that the situation had not changed particularly since I last talked with him. I repeated what I had said to him some months ago, that we were desirous of completing a number of the agreements now pending before considering additional countries. I said that we were interested in agreements with all countries but that we could not take up actively the matter of a trade agreement with Egypt at the moment although this did not indicate any lack of interest on our part in the matter.

He was rather insistent in pressing for some indication of when the matter might be taken up and I stated that this would depend a good deal on our success in closing pending agreements and on our appraisal of the general agricultural situation when that has been done. He inquired about the Spanish agreement and I told him that it was not yet ready for signature though we were hoping for fairly early consummation.

Henry F. Grady
  1. Mohamed Amine Youssef.