Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs (Alling)

Mr. Seyfullah, Secretary of the Turkish Embassy, in calling today on another matter stated that the Embassy had now received instructions from Ankara directing it to have the Turkish Consul in New York perform consular duties on behalf of the Iranian Government. Beginning today, therefore, the Turkish Consul in New York would be prepared to certify consular invoices, certificates of origin and other documents covering American exports to Iran. Mr. Seyfullah added that their instructions had directed that the Czechoslovak Consul in Chicago should continue to perform Iranian consular functions. Apparently the Czechoslovak Government, however, was anxious to be relieved of this burden, and Mr. Seyfullah expressed the view that probably within the next two months the Czechoslovak Consul would be relieved of his functions on behalf of the Iranian Government and that thereafter documents originating in Chicago and requiring Iranian consular services would be handled by the Turkish Consul in New York.