884.001 Selassie I/335

Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs (Murray) to the Secretary of State

I spoke with Ambassador Bingham by long distance telephone at 11:55 this morning regarding his telegram 384 of July 31, one p.m., to the effect that the Emperor of Ethiopia contemplates applying to the Ethiopian Consul General in New York for permission to visit the United States.

I told the Ambassador that you desired him to make every appropriate effort to dissuade the Emperor from seeking permission to visit the United States at this time. I suggested that the Ambassador might bring discreetly and informally to the attention of the Emperor that the interest of the people in this country is now wholly centered upon the national elections next November and that a visit from the Emperor meanwhile would almost certainly receive scant attention and would be devoid of any results he might hope to attain through his visit.

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I suggested that the Ambassador avoid any discussion of the advisability of the Emperor visiting the United States after the elections and stated that you would prefer to meet that issue if and when it arises at a subsequent time.

I told the Ambassador I was sure he would realize the necessity of carefully avoiding any publicity in carrying out your instructions in the present instance.

The Ambassador stated that he understood the situation fully and that he was sure he could carry out your wishes in this matter without difficulty and without publicity.

Wallace Murray