352.115/45: Telegram

The Third Secretary of Embassy in Spain (Wendelin) to the Secretary of State

X–82. Department’s telegram No. 69 of August 3, 6 p.m.; my telegram No. X–33 of August 4 [5], 8 p.m. Formal note from Foreign Office states that although consultation with Ministries of Industry and Commerce and Interior regarding points raised by the Department has not been completed, Ministry of State is pleased to declare that “the Government of the Republic holds as an unalterable principle not to take possession of any property, movable or immovable, belonging to Spanish citizens or foreigners, except naturally in cases of force majeure, and especially when it is a question of the safety of the state, or public interests so require. In such a case it will pay the value after a just and equitable appraisal and if possible—and this is the chief desire of the Government—in agreement with the interested parties or their legal representatives”.

Referring to my telegram No. X–51 of August 12, 9 p.m. no acknowledgment has yet been received from the Foreign Office on claims submitted for American property requisitioned in Madrid. No further claims submitted yet.