852.00/2319: Telegram

Señor Miguel Cabanellas to the Secretary of State 17


I have the honor to inform Your Excellency’s Government of the formation and assumption of power of the new government of the Spanish state under the title of Committee of National Defense, constituted on the 23 instant at its provisional seat, Burgos, with myself as President, and with the following members: Messrs. Miguel Cabanellas, General of Division, Andrés Saliquet, General of Division, Miguel Ponte, Brigadier General, Emilio Mola, Brigadier General, Fidel Dávila, Brigadier General, Federico Montaner, Colonel, and Fernando Moreno, Colonel. Our government hopes and desires to maintain with that of Your Excellency the same cordial and friendly relations which have always united our two countries.

The President of the Committee of National Defense
Miguel Cabanellas
  1. No reply was made to this telegram.