611.5731/151: Telegram

The Chargé in Norway ( Patterson ) to the Secretary of State

61. The Legation’s despatch No. 214, July 11 last.7 Mr. Bull-Ovrevik8 has just written Minister Biddle and has telephoned to me from Bergen to emphasize his views that Norwegian interest in possible reciprocal trade agreement is based on desire to obtain United States market for whale oil, that this interest will subside if negotiations are not initiated and concluded by end of current year since the 50 percent reduction in tax possible under Trade Agreement Act9 will be of practical benefit to Norwegian interests only in year of [Page 401] drought such as 1936. If such prompt action is not possible complete removal of whale oil tax alone will interest Norwegians. Mr. Bull linked importation of American automobiles, Norwegian road building program, whale oil and trade agreement in evident desire to show advantages and also possible disadvantages to American interests which might ensue should trade agreement negotiations not be pushed. Foregoing expression of view telegraphed in view of Mr. Bull’s connection with Foreign Office officials.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Hans Bull-Ovrevik, Norwegian businessman of Bergen, Norway.
  3. Approved June 12, 1934; 48 Stat. 943.