The Secretary of State to the Czechoslovak Chargé ( Němeček )

Sir: I acknowledge the receipt of your note, dated October 8, 1936, by which you informed this Government, acting on instructions from your Government, that the Czechoslovak Government desires to exert every effort in contributing towards the relaxation of international trade barriers and exchange control, and is examining a constructive plan designed to promote the free flow of international trade.

I have received your note with appreciation and I ask you to convey to your Government an expression of my gratification concerning [Page 47] this declaration. I am glad to take this opportunity to affirm again the importance which the Government of the United States attaches to the removal of restrictive trade barriers as a means of restoring the conditions for mutually advantageous international commercial relations and of promoting international peace.

I am the more gratified by the declaration of your Government because of the improved prospects I trust it may be taken to indicate for the speedy solution of the difficulties which have been encountered by American commerce in Czechoslovakia. The continuation of these impediments to American trade despite the representations which have been made to your Government by the Minister of the United States at Prague is viewed by this Government with deep concern. It will be a cause of substantial satisfaction if the developments to which your note refers are followed by early solution of these problems.

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Francis B. Sayre