The Czechoslovak Chargé ( Němeček ) to the Secretary of State

Excellency: I have the honor to refer to my note of October 5,20 as well as to the conversation which I had informally with Mr. Herbert Feis, the economic adviser, relative to the attitude of the United States Government towards the proposed devaluation of the Czechoslovak currency.

In accordance with instructions from my Government, I beg further to inform Your Excellency, that the Czechoslovak Government, fully subscribing to the principle of reducing obstacles to mutual trade relations and communications and of establishing a more solid foundation for stable economic relations, desires to exert every effort in contributing towards a relaxation of international trade barriers and exchange control. To this end my Government is conducting with all possible stress and speed the examination of a constructive plan, especially as far as concerns the system of exchange control, in supporting the interests designed to promote the progress and free flow of international trade.

Accept [etc.]

Dr. Josef Němeček
  1. Not printed; it conveyed the information that the Czechoslovak Government was to submit to Parliament a bill to reduce the gold content of its money (860F.515/53).