The Secretary of State to the American Agent (Bonynge) and Counsel (Martin), Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany

Sirs: In view of the indications received by the Department that the German Government is desirous of discussing a compromise settlement of the sabotage claims against Germany and of the desire of German officials that representatives of this Government should meet with them in Germany during the month of June, you are hereby directed to proceed to Germany at the earliest practicable date for the purpose just indicated.

You will make it clear to your German colleagues that your positions are those of Agent and Counsel, respectively, before the Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany, that you are not authorized by your Government or privileged to discuss any other matter pertaining to the general relations between the two countries, and that settlement of the sabotage claims cannot be conditioned upon discussion or settlement of any such matters.

You will receive an additional letter concerning your travel expenses to Germany.

Very truly yours,

Cordell Hull