811.61248A/87a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Union of South Africa (Totten)

8. The South African Minister has telegraphed his Government the encouraging results of his recent conversations with us and Alcohol Administration and Agriculture officials. The former, to meet the only complaint of the KWV which might conceivably be legitimate, has given expression of its policy with regard to future changes in regulations which contains some assurance that ample time for adjustments before effective dates will be allowed. The latter, having completed some of the tests which they promised Naude and Nel would be made, find substantial confirmation of South African conclusions, and are now ready to consider admitting South African grapes, sterilized outside of the United States, provided they are satisfied that the equipment at Cape Town and on vessels is adequate to maintain the required temperatures. It is planned that a refrigeration expert be sent to Southampton to inspect the vessel equipment and an expert to Cape Town to observe the handling of fruit there. We requested Close to urge that no other public announcement be made at this time than that American officials would undertake the journeys.