811.114 Liquor/1159

The Acting Secretary of State to the South African Minister (Close)

My Dear Mr. Minister: Since our pleasant conversation on Wednesday last5 I have undertaken to inform myself more exactly regarding the period between promulgation and incidence of regulations by the Federal Alcohol Control Administration. I have been informed by responsible officers of the Administration as follows:

The Federal Alcohol Administration Act was passed August 29, 1935.6 It provided that new regulations both for wine and spirits would come into effect March 1, 1936. Public hearings were held in August 1935 and the wine regulations were promulgated December 30, 1935, and those for spirits January 18, 1936.
The Administration found that it was a physical impossibility for producers, even in this country, to make the necessary changes in the six to eight weeks remaining before March 1. Accordingly it requested the Congress to prolong the period and by Joint Resolution No. 217, approved February 29, 1936,7 the grace periods were extended for spirits to August 15, 1936, and for wines to December 15, 1936.
Since the first issue of wine regulations December 30, 1935, there has been no amendment whatsoever to these regulations, the only change having been the effective date, which, of course, has been in favor of producers everywhere. The spirits regulations have been amended because of the complexities arising out of the bottled-in-bond section of the act.
The Administration does not now perceive any cause for further amendment of any of its regulations.

With regard to the importation of South African fruits I wish to assure you that we are genuinely interested in arriving at an early solution of the present difficulties and you may be sure that I shall do all that I can to cooperate with other branches of the Government.

Very sincerely yours,

William Phillips
  1. No memorandum of this conversation of August 12 has been found in Department files.
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