811.114 Canada/5060

Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Hickerson)

After handing Mr. Phillips a memorandum26 urging the desirability of a conference at the earliest possible date between the Canadian distillers and the Treasury Department, Mr. Wrong informed Mr. Phillips orally that the matter of practical assurances guaranteeing that Canadian distillers would submit to our jurisdiction in the event a settlement could be reached with the Treasury Department had also received consideration. Mr. Wrong said that it was the view of his Government that it was so eminently desirable to settle these claims at once by negotiation between the Treasury Department and the distillers that they felt that every possible means should be exhausted to that end. He added that his Government had been informed by the distillers that, should it prove impossible to reach a settlement with the Treasury on the occasion of their proposed conference, the distillers would be prepared to discuss with the Treasury the terms on which they would give practical assurances that they would submit to our jurisdiction.

John Hickerson
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