711.4727/51: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Sydney (Moffat)

Your March 13, 4 p.m. The question of furnishing technical data to the Australian authorities was discussed at some length with American aircraft manufacturers. After consideration this Government is prepared, in view of the slowness of communication between the United States and Australia, to furnish the Australian authorities more data with airworthiness certificates for export than is normally furnished other countries.

To this end and in response to Captain Johnston’s request for a counterproposal this Government will agree to furnish the following documents and data which will be collected and certified to by the Bureau of Air Commerce upon receipt of a note from Australia that an import license has been issued:

[The list of documents and data has been omitted. Also omitted is a list of the information to be obtained, either by the purchaser or the Australian authorities, directly from the manufacturer without certification by the Bureau of Air Commerce.]

It is believed that the documents and data referred to above will provide the Australian authorities with adequate information for handling all normal operating, repair and maintenance problems. This Government is prepared to render every possible assistance to the Australian authorities in the event that some specific matter of an unusual nature should require information not in their possession.

In accordance with the wishes of the Australian authorities, certificates [Page 780] of airworthiness for export to Australia will be issued only to new aircraft.

Confirmation of this telegram and copies of forms being sent by mail.