711.4727/45: Telegram

The Consul General at Sydney (Moffat) to the Secretary of State

Your February 1, 2 p.m. I had a long talk today with Captain Johnston, Director of Civil Aviation, who came up from Melbourne. In the first place he stated definitely that a reciprocal exchange of notes was not possible under the considered Government policy admitting only new planes to suit Australia’s needs. Australia accordingly feels it must make a unilateral proposal covering its requirements, though as to form or a separation into component elements it is prepared to consider any suggestion which would best suit the convenience of the American Government.

By way of explanation he emphasized that license to import an individual plane will be issued before the American Government need take any action whatever and entry is then assured, subject to compliance with the conditions agreed upon.
With regard to airworthiness Captain Johnston pointed out that Australia validates no foreign certificates, even British, but issues its own certificates. The Australian Government’s intention [is?] to accept American certificates of airworthiness for export to Australia as unquestioned evidence for the issue of the Australian certificates, subject only to visual examination and flight of machine upon arrival. Captain Johnston assumes that such a certificate will be issued only to new aircraft as proposed, and that (following the line of the British note) it will with its accompanying documents cover the points raised in sub-paragraphs 3 (b) and (c) of the Australian note of December 16th and in sub-paragraph 4 which provides for supplementary requirements to meet Australian national standards, with amendments from time to time. This would meet his suggestion expressed in paragraph 7 of the note of December 16th which he feels was misconstrued by the Department.

That leaves as a question not connected with original airworthiness the matter of additional data on type which Captain Johnston feels Australia needs for reasons explained in my telegram of February [Page 778] 10. He is not clear whether objections expressed by the Department are due to the unwillingness of the American air authorities to collate or assume the responsibility for the information requested, to its detailed nature, or to the disinclination of authorities or manufacturers to place this information in his hands. He would appreciate some countersuggestion to meet his desire to obtain adequate information properly to ensure that all maintenance, repairs or modifications comply with original standards of airworthiness. I have shown this text to Captain Johnston.