847.7961/37: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Sydney (Moffat)

Your despatch No. 83, December 23, 1935.36 This Government considers as unreasonable the conditions outlined in the note of December 16, 1935, addressed by the Minister for External Affairs to the Consulate General, upon which the Australian Government is prepared to permit the importation into Australia of American aircraft. The following are some of the reasons for its view:

Paragraph 4 of the Minister’s note of December 16, 1935, appears to imply that even in the event of compliance with the voluminous specifications set forth in the ensuing paragraphs, the Australian Government will not undertake to guarantee acceptance unless it chooses to do so in specific instances.
Paragraph 5 of the note calls for such a large volume of technical data as to be entirely unreasonable. The extent and nature of these data is such that it would in most cases make Australian trade unprofitable for American manufacturers.
The clause contained in paragraph 7 of the note with reference to the possible refusal of Australian authorities to accept aircraft built in accordance with future amendments, without their prior approval of each such amendment, is objectionable and indicates, as does the entire note, a refusal to accept the findings of the United States Air Regulations authorities.
Should this Government accede to all of the terms outlined in the Minister’s note, it would doubtless be at a serious disadvantage in attempting to negotiate satisfactory arrangements with other foreign governments.

The proposals set forth in paragraphs 8 and 9 of the Minister’s note are acceptable to this Government.

Copies of the documents referred to in paragraph 7 of the Minister’s note are being mailed to you.

It is desired that you again endeavor to persuade the Australian authorities to accept the procedure outlined in the arrangement in force between the United States and Great Britain.37

  1. Not printed; see telegram of December 21, 1935, supra.
  2. Arrangement effected by exchange of notes of March 28 and April 5, 1935, Department of State Executive Agreement Series No. 76, or 49 Stat. 3720.