811.79640/343: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Bingham) to the Secretary of State

633. Embassy’s despatch 2569, October 9. Foreign Office note in reply just received. Generally favorable except as regards concluding paragraph of my note of October 9. Reply reads:

“The United Kingdom Government regret that for their part they are unable to accept the assumption that the receipt by Pan American Airways of permits from the Governments of Canada and the Irish Free State satisfactory to the United States Government is a necessary condition to the commencement of the trans-Atlantic service. It appears to them that as between the United Kingdom and United States Governments the necessary conditions are fulfilled by the grant of the requisite permits by the two Governments to Pan American Airways and Imperial Airways respectively”.

Copies95 by pouch on the steamer Washington tomorrow.


[Reciprocal exchanges of permits were effected in 1937 by notes dated February 9 and March 11 from the Irish and Canadian Ministers, respectively, in the United States, and a British note of March 4, transmitted in despatch No. 2904, March 5, from the Ambassador in the United Kingdom, and by three notes, each dated April 20, from the Secretary of State to the British Ambassador, the Canadian Minister, and the Irish Minister, transmitting letters dated April 17 from the Department of Commerce for delivery to the three interested Governments.]

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