Statement by the Secretary of State Issued to the Press, September 26, 1936


Naturally, I am immensely gratified to see a vitally important step in the direction of stable monetary arrangements.

The action of the Treasuries of the three Governments in making simultaneous and virtually identical statements of policy should greatly strengthen the prospect of stability in international exchange relationships. This should result in further strengthening the basic conditions of our domestic recovery. The declarations of policy amply provide for taking into account the full requirements of internal prosperity. This advance toward stability should also greatly facilitate the reduction of excessive phases of quota, exchange controls, and of other excessive impediments to commerce between nations, which themselves were partly caused by exchange uncertainties. For it has been apparent for a substantial time that progress toward stability and the reduction of barriers to commerce should go forward concurrently, or as nearly as possible, simultaneously. The step taken is in harmony with our reciprocity trade agreements program, as it is an indispensable part of any program for full and stable business recovery.

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