811.114 Reidun/138

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Norway (Biddle)

No. 48

Sir: There is enclosed a copy of a note which has been addressed to the Minister of Norway at this capital71 setting forth the facts and circumstances on which the seizure of the Norwegian steamship Reidun and the arrest of four officers of the vessel were based. There is also enclosed a copy of an informal communication which was subsequently addressed to the Minister72 making certain observations in regard to some of the statements contained in our note.

On April 24, 1936, Judge Clarence G. Galston of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, sustained the exceptions filed by the owners of the Reidun to the Government’s libel, asking the forfeiture of the vessel. At the same time, the exceptions to the answer filed by the United States Collector of Customs for the port of New York in the suit brought by the owners of the Reidun against him for the release of the vessel were also sustained. The order for the release of the Reidun was suspended in order that the Government might have an opportunity to file an amended libel or to consider the advisability of an appeal to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals.

There is enclosed a copy of the opinion of the court in the case, as well as a copy of the libel and of the Government’s answer to the counterclaim.73

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
R. Walton Moore
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