811.114 Belgium/171a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Canada (Armour)

138. Within recent months the Norwegian steamers Anders, Trajan and Reidun, and the Danish steamer Jan have loaded cargoes of alcohol at Antwerp for delivery on the high seas in vicinity of St. Pierre-Miquelon into smuggling vessels. Efforts to induce the Belgian Government to require bonds for the production of landing certificates to insure delivery at port of destination have so far been unsuccessful. Another shipment of approximately 23,000 cases is expected to leave Antwerp within next few days on Norwegian steamer Bodo.

As approximately 25 per cent of this alcohol is smuggled into Canada, the Canadian Government might be willing to join in our representations to the Belgian Government to require landing certificates. If you see no objection, please discuss this matter informally with appropriate Canadian authorities and telegraph reply.