740.0011 Mutual Guarantee (Locarno)/390: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Dodd) to the Secretary of State

66. The Foreign Office tells us in strictest confidence that they have received two telegrams from Avenol, Secretary General of the League, one this morning and one at noon advising the German Government of the request by the French and Belgian Governments respectively for a meeting of the Council to discuss the situation and that in each instance Avenol offered the German Government the opportunity of being present at the Council for this discussion. In other words, [Page 219] while Germany has not been embarrassed by a direct invitation requiring a reply, the way is open for her to attend the Council session if she desires.

The Foreign Office strongly favors taking advantage of this opportunity. They realize the tremendous significance of Germany’s presence at Geneva on this occasion. It would confirm by action the constructive proposals in Hitler’s speech. It would serve to encourage those states favorable to Germany’s proposals and at the same time render opposition more difficult. The League, however, is in bad odor in many quarters of the Government. Therefore, there is considerable hostility to Germany’s participating at the Council session and it is problematical whether Germany will be present. The matter is now being debated.

Repeated by telegraph to London, Paris, Geneva, Rome, Brussels.