751.62/342: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Dodd) to the Secretary of State

46. Once more attitudes here are non-committal. Everybody is anxious but nobody gives a positive answer to any serious question. The encirclement idea of England, France and Russia is aimed at peace and the formation of a solid front of the Balkan States. But it is to be done by the League, small states like Holland, Belgium and [Page 196] Czechoslovakia more pressing, the greater ones disposed to give Germany a chance to indicate a willingness to regulate armaments. The British Ambassador tells me today that his Government is absolutely committed to great armament because Germany refused twice last autumn even to consider international arrangements as to armies and air forces. He said that the French are apt to delay positive action in encirclement matter till after the spring elections and that England will not make another peace proposal alone here. A day or two ago Goering,30 most warlike of all the leaders, at French Ambassador’s table patted himself on the chest and said he was to be Hitler’s successor.

The German press criticises the English for their armaments measure and especially complain at likely French acceptance of the Russian peace pact. There is real joy at the United States absolute neutrality. The economic situation with Poland is apt to be eased off, the Polish Ambassador saying to me that his country must always remain neutral.

Cipher text mailed London, Paris, Moscow, Geneva and Davis.

  1. Hermann Göring, German Minister for Aviation and Commander in Chief of the Air Forces.