893.113 Airplanes/103: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

96. 1. Beall, Far Eastern representative of Boeing Aircraft Company, now in Shanghai, writes that his South China agent has been informed by the First Group Army Corps, Canton, that latter has received from National Government an import huchao covering 10 Boeing armed “fighting” airplanes and that Chinese Foreign Office has telegraphically requested Chinese Legation in Washington to make official request of the Department for required export permit. Beall states he received this information 2 weeks ago but that the Chinese Minister has not yet approached the Department and he requests Legation to inquire of Foreign Office with a view to learning whether above statements of Cantonese military are correct.

2. Having in mind fourth paragraph of Department’s regulations of May 28, 1934,64 and the complicated nature of the relations between Nanking and Canton, I respectfully request the Department’s instructions before acting upon Beall’s request.

3. Copy by mail to Peiping.