655.116 Autos/3: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State

92. Embassy’s despatch 629 on November 9, 1935. Belgian Foreign Office has just informed the Embassy that it has been definitely decided that in the near future a quota will be placed on automobile tires imported into Belgium and that quota basis will be 100% of amount imported during first 6 months of 1935. In reply to the Embassy’s objections in principle competent Foreign Office official has suggested informally that Embassy make a counter-proposal. American importers of tires are opposed to quota in principle but if [Page 135] it is adopted they would like to obtain advantageous conditions and have suggested 125% of importations during the first 6 months of the present year. Does the Department desire the Embassy to continue unalterably to oppose the quota in principle as contrary to the spirit of the Trade Agreement thus losing the opportunity to make a counter-proposal on behalf of the American importers of tires or would the Department prefer to have the Embassy negotiate for the best obtainable quota making full reservations in principle? Telegraphic instructions are urgently requested as imposition of quota is imminent.