862.20/766: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Dodd) to the Secretary of State

54. Japanese Ambassador57 pressed at 11:40 today for a conversation with me at 12 when he came. He inadvertently revealed two things: (1st) he had been three times in conversation since Friday the 15th with high officials of the more belligerent wing of the German Cabinet; (2d) that Japan is pressing for Germans to ask restoration of navy strength although he said German official had said they had not the means now to build a navy. He also said German officials had told him that one reason of immediate demand for universal military service was the necessity of quieting resistance of SS and SA elements in German population. The Ambassador asked twice why the English were going to Moscow and he stressed the unwisdom of this unless the purpose was to reduce the Russian army. More than once he asked if Washington were interested in disarmament conference and said he would bet nine to one that the Germans would not agree to such a conference. I have observed no evidences of German-Japanese entente.

  1. Kintomo Mushakoye.