862.20/726: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Long) to the Secretary of State

135. I talked to Suvich36 last night about Germany’s announcement of rearmament. He characterized it as a denunciation of the military clauses of the Versailles Treaty. The principal reaction of the Italian Government is of surprise and dismay. It is too soon for them to estimate the consequences of Germany’s act or to appreciate how it may change the situation vis-à-vis Simon’s37 visit. Suvich believes that Simon’s conversations will be more important if the situation justifies his adherence to his plans to visit Berlin.

The British Ambassador said he considers the situation to have become very much more serious. The consensus of opinion in diplomatic circles is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid trouble with Germany.

  1. Fulvio Suvich, Italian Under Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Sir John Simon, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.