862.20/725: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany ( Dodd ) to the Secretary of State

49. Cabinet promulgated brief law late this afternoon for expansion army. It provides for army service on basis of compulsory military service, 12 army corps of 36 divisions and early introduction of supplementary law for compulsory service.

Proclamation of Chancellor issued later understood to record deception suffered under Wilson 14 points34 and to contain indictment of the treatment accorded Germany since war.

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Two year military service in France and announced further armament, public arming of Russians, and revelations of White Book35 interpreted here as negation disarmament idea are reported as having caused immediate promulgation of German law allegedly as a necessary means of safety.

A lengthy party proclamation supporting Chancelor’s attitude is also in course of issuance.

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  2. For Statement Relating to Defense by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on March 1, 1935, see British Cmd. 4827.