Memorandum by Mr. Landreth M. Harrison of the Division of Eastern European A fairs

Our counter-proposals were made known to the Minister of Finland on December 12, 1935.7 The Minister, after studying the working draft of the counter-proposals, sent Dr. von Numers, Secretary of the Legation, to the Division of Eastern European Affairs to arrange with me [Page 206] a cable to the Finnish Foreign Office setting forth our counter-proposals with respect to Schedules I and II. Such a cable was drafted and sent on December 13. The Minister was then furnished with three copies of the attached schedules.8 Two copies were to be sent immediately by mail to Finland and the third to be retained in the Legation’s files. The Minister stated that he should shortly receive from Helsingfors his Government’s reaction to the counter-proposals.

L. M. Harrison
  1. Not found in Department files.
  2. Not found in Department files.