The Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs ( Murray ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Moore )

Dear Judge Moore: Although the underlying telegram from our Embassy at London89 indicates that the British Government is willing to permit an American war vessel to anchor at Aden, Mr. Dunn90 has raised the question as to whether this may be a desirable move from an international angle. The question also arises as to whether there might be adverse comment in this country if we dispatched a war vessel so close to the troubled area. Under the circumstances, in order that we may explore all possibilities of establishing safe communications with Addis Ababa I think it might be in order to send the attached telegram91 to London.

If you concur would you be good enough to sign the telegram so that it can be sent tonight?

Wallace Murray
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  2. James Clement Dunn, Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs.
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