119.2/3006: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom ( Atherton ) to the Secretary of State

427. I discussed the Department’s 242, September 5, 1 p.m., with the Acting Under Secretary of State today, who said the question resolved itself into two parts. One, from a political angle, the presence of an American vessel in those waters would be welcome; but, my impression is that this welcome was based on the implications that might be attributed to the presence of an American naval vessel at Aden at a time of Anglo-Italian tension. Two, from the point of view of hospitality, he learned Aden would be crowded with shipping coming and going and that therefore because of the draught, a cruiser would probably have to lie outside where the anchorage left much to be desired. But any craft not larger than a destroyer could be taken care of within the harbor.

He mentioned in passing a recent report received by them that the Abyssinian Government is putting up a reserve wireless station in case of breakdown of the existing station.