384.11/9: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Ethiopia (George)

29. Your 49, June 29, noon.

Department requires full details regarding number of missionaries who eventually decide to leave and those who insist on remaining. Information is also desired concerning the provincial stations which it is proposed to close and those which will continue.
You should now confidentially but urgently advise all American missionaries in the capital to leave immediately. Similar action should be taken with respect to American nationals in the provinces unless you have sound reasons for believing that they are not in danger, in which case you should inform the Department of the basis for your judgment. In tendering the foregoing advice stress the fact that the continued presence of American nationals is likely to prove embarrassing to this Government which lacks facilities for their effective protection in such a remote country as Ethiopia.
Home boards of missionary societies are also being urged to withdraw their personnel immediately.
Funds for repatriation of indigent negro citizens were obtained on basis of information contained in your 45 June 10, 4 p.m.83 and are sufficient only for the repatriation of the 10 nationals referred to therein who are definitely in the danger zone.
You should make tentative arrangements for the transportation of these 10 citizens to Port Said. Consult by telegraph with the Consul at that port regarding the best date for their arrival there to await sailing for the United States. You will be authorized to draw not to exceed $800 to cover their transportation and living expenses from Addis Ababa to Port Said.
Keep Department fully advised of developments.
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