150.071 Control/201

The British Ambassador (Lindsay) to the Secretary of State

No. 92

My Dear Secretary of State: British shipping interests are seriously concerned by the reappearance of the alien seamen deportation bills recently introduced into the House of Representatives and the Senate by Mr. Schulte and Senator King respectively.

His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom observe that the former bill has already been under discussion in the Immigration Committee of the House of Representatives, and it is understood that the latter bill is likely to come before the Senate Committee on Immigration very shortly.

His Majesty’s Government desire to make it clear that their strong objections to the passage of these measures, which I have had the [Page 463] occasion to bring before you and your predecessors on several occasions during past sessions of Congress, have lost none of their force; and I should be grateful if you would be kind enough to take whatever steps may seem to you appropriate to see that this fact is not overlooked.

Believe me [etc.]

R. C. Lindsay