150.071 Control/198

The Norwegian Minister (Morgenstierne) to the Secretary of State

The Minister of Norway presents his compliments to the Honorable the Secretary of State and has the honor, with reference to Mr. Bachke’s notes of December 28, 19317 and May 9, 1933,8 to call the Secretary’s kind attention to the bill S. 379 introduced in the Senate of the United States by Senator King and to the bill H. R. 2885 introduced in the House of Representatives by Mr. Dies, both during the present session, and providing for the deportation of certain alien seamen.

These bills contain similar provisions to those contained in the bill introduced by Representative Dies during the Congress session of 1934 (H. R. 3842).

The Minister of Norway would be grateful if the attention of the appropriate United States Authorities might be called to the serious consequences which, in the opinion of the Norwegian Government, would result for Norwegian shipping if the above mentioned bills should be enacted.