681.003/90: Telegram

The Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier ( Blake ) to the Secretary of State

15. Department’s telegram No. 13, December 7, 4 p.m. Full report my conversation with Ponsot sent by pouch November 24, probably now in Department’s hands.

Consumption taxes Spanish Zone reported upon at length in my No. 995, November 30,35 sent in pouch December 1, copy mailed Madrid.

Formal protests filed in Tetuan and Madrid by Italy and Great Britain protests filed in Tetuan by Holland and Belgium.

Consumption and other taxes on flour and wheat exterminate possibility American trade. Other taxes discriminate between imported and domestic products and constitute potential danger of complete destruction of open market.

Project of budget French Zone for 1935 bases revenue on increased customs tariff and complete modification of clauses of Act of Algeciras regarding assessment of dutiable values. Department might deem time now opportune make direct representations to French Government [Page 870] on entire situation since my latest information indicates danger we may be confronted by Franco-British agreement on quotas and tariff revision as accomplished fact.

  1. Not printed.