681.003/87: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier (Blake)

13. Department assumes that you have forwarded full report regarding conversation with Ponsot on November 17 and in meantime would appreciate receiving brief summary by cable. Despatch 559, [Page 869] November 13, from Embassy at Madrid, copy of which was forwarded to you, indicates possible serious encroachments on trade in a number of commodities in form of consumption taxes which have been or are about to be instituted in the Spanish Zone. Please ascertain and indicate in your cable whether or not any formal protests have been filed with the Spanish authorities by the British, Italian or any other Governments and also indicate if you have included in the memorandum to be filed with the Embassy at Madrid reference to the application of the consumption taxes outlined in the above despatch. Please indicate also in your cable statement regarding possible effect upon American trade by these taxes on the commodities listed in the despatch referred to above.

In the light of your recent conversation with Ponsot please also indicate your views regarding the recommendation of Consul Hopper34 in despatch No. 17 of November 1635 that direct representations be made to the French Government with respect to the discriminatory treatment by customs administration at Casablanca.

  1. George D. Hopper, Consul at Casablanca.
  2. Not printed.