484.11 Young, Reuben S., No. 2/12: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Ethiopia (Southard)

6. Your despatch No. 1283, November 15, 1933 and Department’s telegram No. 5 July 20, 7 p.m.37 No further report having been received the Department assumes that the Ethiopian Government has not yet effected a satisfactory settlement of the claim of Reuben S. Young. As was explained in the Department’s instruction No. 312, February 27, 1933, this Government is constrained to take serious view of the gross violation of its treaty rights and the inexcusable discourtesy toward its diplomatic representative exhibited by Ethiopian officials in connection with this case. The failure of the Ethiopian Government to accord any satisfaction to Young after the lapse of more than a year can lead only to the conclusion that it has little, if any, regard for official representations of this Government and raises serious doubt as to whether any useful purpose is served by our maintaining diplomatic representation at Addis Ababa.

Accordingly I desire you to seek an interview with the Emperor at the earliest possible moment and, after reviewing the foregoing with him, to state that in view of the lack of consideration which the Ethiopian Government has accorded to American representations in the case of Young and in other matters, this Government has decided to withdraw you from Addis Ababa and to replace you by a chargé d’affaires ad interim. You should leave no doubt in the Emperor’s mind that upon the promptness with which a satisfactory settlement of this case is reached will depend the future of American diplomatic representation in his country.

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You should also take advantage of the opportunity afforded to refer to the claim of Bruce Buchanan (your despatch 1338, March 10, 1934,38 and previous despatches) and should continue to press for a settlement of that case provided you are satisfied that in similar situations compensation has been paid to the nationals of other countries. Report results of representations by telegraph.

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