251.11 Insull, Samuel/361: Telegram

The Minister in Greece (MacVeagh) to the Secretary of State

30. After a council of Ministers the Foreign Minister summoned me this morning and told me that the fugitive had refused to see the Government’s emissaries and has barricaded himself in his apartment. He added that he had given orders that entrance be forced, policemen stationed in the flat and exit from Greek territory arranged.

Mr. Maximos also informed me that his Government places the responsibility of the fugitive’s possible death or suicide under these conditions upon my shoulders and I replied that I could not prevent his making an announcement to that effect but that officially I refused to accept such responsibility and pointed out that the Legation cannot be responsible for any consequences of an act voluntarily undertaken by the Greek Government. He seemed satisfied with this reply and for local purposes some statement on his part that he has shifted the above responsibility to me may be expected.

I gather from further conversation with Mr. Maximos that his Government is now endeavoring to persuade Yugoslavia to grant a transit visa for Rumania, or failing that, Turkey for Persia, with a view to putting the fugitive on the Orient Express tomorrow evening.