251.11 Insull, Samuel/348: Telegram

The Minister in Greece ( MacVeagh ) to the Secretary of State

24. My telegram No. 23, March 5, 1 p.m. I learned unofficially that a police officer called on Insull this morning to deliver an order to leave Greece within 48 hours or force the Government to deport him to the United States. This officer is said to have reported that the fugitive immediately gave signs of a severe heart attack. Later on the Ministry of the Interior telephoned this Legation that the fugitive had asked for another medical examination and the Ministry requested that the Legation appoint a doctor to assist. I refused to receive such a request unless from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and if it is made will point out that I have already explained to the Prime Minister that this Legation can not invade a province which is that of the Greek Government. Please cable if you wish to take a different attitude. The Minister for Foreign Affairs seems determined to compel the departure but is receiving opposition from the Minister of the Interior and only the lukewarm support of others.