862.002 Hitler, Adolf/30

Memorandum by the Under Secretary of State (Phillips)

The German Ambassador called this afternoon to protest once more against the so-called Hitler trial which was to take place this evening in Madison Square Garden in New York. It was one final appeal, he said, in the name of his Government to stop this demonstration against the Chancellor of a friendly state. I restated the reasons which had been given to him by the Secretary and by me at various times to explain why it was neither possible nor practicable to inject the Executive branch of the Government into the situation. The Ambassador then said that, since nothing could be done in that direction, he would make one further request, namely, that a statement be issued immediately which would indicate that nothing which was to be said at the meeting would represent the views of the Government. I explained that it was much too late to take any such action, nor would it be proper for the Secretary of State to anticipate statement which might or might not be made. The Ambassador then made his final request that some statement be issued tomorrow morning indicating that the views expressed at the meeting were not in accord with those of the Federal Government, etc., etc. I replied that, while I could not commit the Department in any way, I would take the matter under consideration and see whether it might not be possible to say something tomorrow along the lines suggested.

William Phillips