Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Culbertson) to the Chief of the Division (Moffat)

Dr. Leitner38 called to see you this afternoon and also wanted to see me on a personal matter. Since you were out, he took up with me the following matter. The Embassy had received instructions from the Foreign Office at Berlin to make representations to the Department against the use of the “Blue Eagle” in the manner indicated on the attached circular.39 Dr. Leitner asked me if I would bring the matter to your attention as he was obliged to get back to his Embassy since this is pouch day. I told Dr. Leitner that we would probably take up the matter with NRA and see whether anything could be done.

P[aul] T. C[ulbertson]
  1. Rudolf Leitner, Counselor of the German Embassy.
  2. Not reprinted.