811.512 Boats/60

The German Embassy to the Department of State


With reference to the valued note of the Department of State of February 16th of this year (811.512 Boats/56)23 the Embassy has the honor to call the attention of the Department of State to the fact that the Revenue Act of 1934 is now before the Senate Committee on Finance and, as reported, will come up for consideration this week.

The Embassy would be very thankful for an examination and, if possible, for appropriate information as to whether or not on the part of the American Government these deliberations might be an occasion for settling, by a suitable wording of the Revenue Act of 1934, the question of the import tax on boats built abroad (Section 761 of the Revenue Act of 1932), which question has been pending for so long. The Embassy would be especially obliged for any effort in this direction.

  1. File translation revised.
  2. Not printed; now filed under 811.512 Boats/58.