811.512 Boats/50

The German Embassy to the Department of State


St. 1b

With reference to the communication of August 1 of this year (811.512 Boats/45) from the Acting Secretary of State,19 the German Embassy has the honor to request the Department of State again for a decision with regard to the tax on vessels built abroad, provided in the Revenue Act of 1932 (Section 761 (b)).20

The matter has been pending for more than a year without such a decision having been secured so far, although the Department of State on its part had made “a request” of the competent officials “for an early expression of their views”, according to the communication of April 4th of this year.19

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The Embassy would be so much the more grateful for information, as a violation of a provision of the German-American Commercial Treaty is involved,21 which is, in the opinion of the Government, perfectly unambiguous.

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