863.00/871: Telegram

The Chargé in Austria (Kliefoth) to the Secretary of State

24. Government officially announced total killed 239 of which 102 Government forces and 137 civilian; injured total 658 of which 319 legal forces. There are probably additional casualties among civilians not yet reported. These figures in my opinion are fairly honest. Except for police surveillance of certain buildings and continued search for arms Vienna and Austria present normal appearance. Soldiers and Heimwehr have returned to barracks or homes.

In final investigation of affected area and discreet examination of witnesses on both sides Military Attaché and I were impressed with efforts used to prevent attack. Every form of persuasion and warning maneuvers were used before attacks were started. In each case investigated firing was started by the revolters.

Political consequences of Government’s loss of Socialist toleration not yet clear but offhand there seems to be no immediate big change in view except possible readjustment of relations between Dollfuss and Heimwehr leaders who may demand larger recognition of their services. Dollfuss’ greatest weakness as a dictator is that he has no army of his own; his strength is that no one other person in Austria enjoys his prestige and that his use of force has impressed the Nazis. [Page 19] Also many Socialists realize that even suppression of their party is not as serious as Nazi victory.