863.00/869: Telegram

The Chargé in Czechoslovakia (Benton) to the Secretary of State

10. The following represents what I believe to be an accurate analysis of the Czechoslovak point of view toward the Austrian situation in [Page 18] general. Great concern is felt, it being feared that recent events in Austria have materially weakened Dollfuss’ position and at the same time strengthened the hands of the Austrian National Socialists. Czechoslovakia would not like to see the latter gain the upper hand; but if they do she will probably not protest unless the German Nazis working in conjunction with the large number of Austrian Nazis in Germany should attempt to capitalize the situation, or Dollfuss should appeal for assistance to one state alone, such as Germany or Hungary. She is, however, of the opinion that the situation can only be definitely settled by the intervention of the states signatory to the Geneva protocol of 1922,17 and I understand that Benes who is now in Paris is so informing the French Government at the same time urging agreement among the interested powers to take joint action, military if necessary, if and when needed. In any event this country would take no action, military or otherwise, without first consulting her friends and allies.

  1. Signed October 4, 1922, League of Nations Treaty Series, vol. xii, p. 405.